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Can't right click anything in ie 

 open in new tab/window not working 

Find on this page "empty" 

tabs on Favorites pane missing 

about screen and other dialogs "empty" 

IE8 closes immediately (not if caused by an add-on!) 

can't print (interface not registered)

Facebook/Hotmail page blank after Login.


  Follow the following steps in the described order.

1: Open the run window by pressing the Windows key + R and type in inetcpl.cpl then click on OK. Be sure to close any open internet explorer windows and end any iexplore.exe processes in the task manager



2: The internet options box should open up. Navigate to the Advanced tab and click on reset, and check the box to delete any personal browser customizations and click on reset to reset the Internet Explorer to factory Defaults. You'll lose all saved history and clear out temporary files and folders after doing this so if you'd rather not lose your saved history and login passwords skip to step 3.

  Restart the internet explorer if you are able to the right click on the page, if not go to the next step.

3:  Download  this zip file, extract it to the desktop and run the .cmd in it applicable to your PC. If your PC is a 32 - bit PC, use only the file named ie8-rereg.cmd, if you have a 64 bit PC run the other two .cmd files. Please note that you have to run them both using administrative priviliges if your OS is Windows Vista or 7.
    This fix can also repair multiple internet explorer problems suck as being unable to print from internet explorer, secure sites browsing and unable to open new tabs in internet explorer and similar such issues. All credit goes to Kai Schätzl of for this fix.
Restart  internet explorer to check for any more issues. If you are still facing issues with Internet explorer perform a malware scan using 
and remove threats if any are found.

4: If none of this fixes the problem. Downgrade internet explorer fom your current version to the previous one using the steps detailed here.

Please let me Know if any of this helps you out so that i can improve it accordingly. 


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