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Lync for mac 14.0.8 package

So microsoft brought out an update to Lync for mac, this update fixes the contacts not searchable issue on mavericks. There are a few changes when its installed though.

Previously in order to auto populate a Lync users ID from the AD server all we had to do was populate the with the sign in name and Lync address.

But in Lync 14.0.8 the /Users/UserName/Library/Preferences/ file is created only when lync is launched for the first time and the license agreement accepted. So for a new install the old method doesn't work. We worked around it by displaying the sign-in details as part of a postflight script that ran after Lync got installed.

To create the lync for mac package use composer to capture a snapshot before Lync is installed.

Modify the  MicrosoftLyncRegistrationDB.plist located at /Library/Preferences with the Lync internal and external server name.